Steam Sauna Fact Or Fiction?

A steam sauna uses a lower temperature than a traditional Sauna. A Steam Sauna uses a steam generator to generate steam which in turns heats up the steam sauna this is also known as a steam bath
or Turkish Bath.Post image for Steam Sauna
The steam sauna and the traditional sauna both increase the body temperature to induce sweating which loosen tight, tense muscles. The steam leaves the skin extremely smooth and soft. The choice between a sauna and a steam sauna is one of personal preference.

Steam Sauna Complete steam sauna kits can be purchased. One of the best options today for a steam sauna that incorporates the steam sauna with a shower in combination. This allows one to have the benefits of the steam sauna with out the expense of having a separated room dedicated to the steam sauna. Another benefit of having the steam sauna incorporated with the shower is the elimination of time as a shower is required to taking a steam sauna. One can simply step into the shower, shower take a steam bath and then cool down with a finishing shower.