A Portable Sauna May Be Just The Ticket

There are two different types of portable saunas. One of the types of saunas can be folded completely flat and taken on vacation or on a business trip. This type uses a folding chair as the seat making it completely portable. A regular outlet is needed to run the heating source. The user simply unfolds the unit and places the chair inside and then zips the front panels together. This unit has slots in the front panels to allow for the hands to be free.

The second type of portable sauna is one that is made of wood but is smaller than a traditional sauna. These saunas will fit through most doors that are around 26”. They are easy to assemble because they usually only have a couple of pieces to put together. These units also use a traditional outlet to supply electricity to the heat source. The portable sauna is great to install in your home for personal uses. Though these units are small they still give the user the normal benefits of a full size sauna. These portable units do not require any plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work by a professional. They can be set up in any room of your home.
Portable Saunas