Portable Infrared Sauna Graet For A Small Space

Portable Infrared Sauna
The portable infrared sauna is made for one person to use at one time. This sauna takes up very little room and can be place in just about any where the user wants. Though this unit is small the user will still receive great health benefits that come from using a regular sauna. The infrared technology that is used is similar to the suns rays but will not put off the damaging UV rays that can cause harm the skin.

These portable infrared sauna weight around ten pounds. They usually set up in about one minute or less. These saunas use a folding chair for the seat so you can take this unit just about anywhere and do not have to worry about carrying anything heavy. They fold up easily and have a carrying handle that makes traveling easy for the user. It will plug into any normal outlet and it only uses about five cents of electricity for one thirty minute session. It takes about five minutes for these models to heat up to about 149 degrees. After the five minutes the user will seat in the folding chair and zip the front closed. There are slot in the front for the user to place their hands so they can hold a magazine or book while using the sauna.