What Makes A Good Oudoor Sauna

Out Door Sauna
Outdoor saunas have become a standard in many back yard oasis today they are easy to construct for many home owners. They can be custom build to fit a specific space or a pre fabricated outdoor sauna kit can be purchased to speed assembly time. Most outdoor saunas are constructed with Cedar or Redwood as this wood are naturally resistant to mold and mildew and will not rot like most woods. Conventional pressure treated wood can also be use however it does not have the look of cedar that most people desire. Many manufactures also sell an outdoor sauna kit that comes in many standard sizes and can be easily assembled in a few hours depending on the size.

Outdoor saunas can be built on an existing deck or concrete slab. They can be built to occupy a unused corner or to accent and existing patio the choices are limitless. The outside design can that of a traditional sauna or it can be incorporated in with an existing pool house, tool shed or made to match the look of your home.

An outdoor sauna has four basic options when it comes to heaters a standard electric outdoor sauna heater, a far infared heater, a natural gas or propane fired heaters and the traditional wood burning outdoor sauna heater. Things to consider when chosing a heater for your outdoor sauna is the size of your sauna, the climate you live in a colder climate will necessitate a higher BTU heater and the materials used in construction of your outdoor sauna. Check with your local building department before you begin constructing your outdoor sauna a building permit may or may not be required.