Just What IS An Infrared Sauna?

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Infrared Technology was first developed in 1965 it soon was adapted to use in saunas. The infrared sauna use radiant heat which is like the heat that is produced by the sun except without any of the damaging ultraviolet waves. This infrared technology actually heats up objects rather than heating the air much like the sun light can feel warm on your skin even if the air temperature is cool. our bodies emit infrared energy you can test this by placing your palms close to one another {don’t touch} can you feel the heat? That is infrared heat.

Infrared Saunas utilize this energy to place the heat directly at the location you want. Many infrared saunas have multiple heaters to provide heat say on your legs, shoulders or on your lower back. This ability to direct the heat means that a infrared sauna will heat up almost instantly and will use much less energy than a conventional sauna and allow for lower operating temperatures resulting in a better overall sauna session.
The infrared sauna with its lower operating temps does not require additional moister thus allowing the user to get the best possible sauna also the lower temperature allows the user to remain in the infrared sauna for a longer period of time. image
Infrared Saunas