You Can Build A Cedar Sauna

Cedar SaunaSaunas that are made with cedar are very durable because cedar does not decay when used with water or steam. Cedar has been used for many years because of this quality. A cedar sauna will last for many years if it is taken care of. These saunas can hold up to any kind of weather so placing the sauna outdoors will not be a problem. Cedar will also resist insect damage. These saunas come in many different sizes. They can hold any where from one to four people at one time.

Cedar saunas can be made in different styles. Many people choose to make their sauna resemble a traditional barrel sauna or some choose to go with the more common room style sauna. These models have bench sits or some come with lounge seating for a more relaxing experience. A simple electrical outlet is needed to run the heater. The traditional heat source of a heater that heats rocks is used in these models. The steam is created by throwing water on to the hot rocks. This process is repeated many times through out each session. A regular session last around twenty to thirty minutes a piece.
Cedar Sauna Kits