round saunaSauna or Steam Bath which one is right for you? A sauna uses high temperatures and dry heat while steam bath uses a lower temperature and a high moister level (steam).
Our goal is to educate you before you buy on the different types of Saunas available today as well as showing you the different options to construct and heat your sauna. image

Sauna Heaters

Several options are available for heating your sauna the traditional type of heat is through a wood burning stove although these work well, they can be time consuming. Other options for heating a sauna are electric, gas and infrared. Electric heated saunas are by far the most common, least expensive. A heating element simply heats up rocks, which radiate the heat into the room. Lately infrared heaters have gained in popularity the use infrared waves to generate the heat directly to the body. image

Home Sauna Kits

Many very nice affordable home sauna DIY kits are now on the market. Simply size up your available space for the sauna and order a pre fab sauna kit for your home sauna. There are kits available in most ant price range and of course you can have a custom built sauna also. You have several choices in heaters from a traditional wood burning heater to a convenient electric sauna heater.